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Mythtv job queue start time

50 rows · The Job Queue can be used to see the current state of Transcoding, Commercial Flagging, and User. I am not sure whether the jobs are being queued with the incorrect time (progstart) or whether the job queue should be joining to progstart rather than starttime in the recorded table. av . Aug 04,  · Make sure you understand every command below before starting: stop the backend: sudo systemctl stop mythtv-backend sudo --login systemctl edit --full mythtv-backend. add: ExecStartPre=sleep (or append: ;sleep 10 to an existing ExecStartPre line) reload: sudo systemctl daemon-reload. restart the backend.

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From: Chris Pinkham Date: I don't need any of those jobs to > run not to mention I don't know why they are. Jan 17,  · In 'mythfrontend', under General Job Queue (Host-Specific), I have "Max simult. jobs" = 1, "Allow 'User Job #1'" is checked and Queue start and end times are and . mysql -u mythtv -p mythconverg -e "DELETE from jobqueue WHERE id=". you could use WHERE chanid= starttime=starttime>. mythtv-setup -> 'General' settings, Job Queue (Job Commands) page www.kron-mo.ruime = @StartTime and www.kron-mo.ru!="" and. Jan 18,  · Here are >>> all the places I see options regarding job queues: >> What version are you running? It is in there since before , it will say >> "Run 'Nuvexport Job'" or "Do not run 'Nuvexport job' for new recordings". >> They are on the "Post Recording Processing" page of the recording >> profile setup. mythcommflag - MythTV Commercial Flagger. --queue Insert flagging job into the JobQueue, rather than. running flagging in the foreground. > update/create jobs via mythweb. > > Did you set your BE to enable user jobs (in > mythtv-setup job queue). > > Does your job queue start/end time allow > running now? And if you want them to be run automatically, there are 3 locations where you must enable (each) jobs. They must be enabled in the recording rule, in the recording profile, and. MythTV User Job arguments. The complete list of dynamic arguments you can specify for User Jobs within the MythTV backend is as follows: ARGUMENT: MEANING %CHANID% Channel ID %STARTTIME% Start Time of the Recording %DIR% Path to the recording directory %FILE% The file name %TITLE% The title of the recording %SUBTITLE% The subtitle of the. The DBMS_JOB Package. To schedule and manage jobs in the job queue, use the procedures in the DBMS_JOB package. There are no database privileges associated with using job queues. Any user who can execute the job queue procedures can use the job queue. The following are procedures of the DBMS_JOB package. Scripts for MythTV. Contribute to nlucchesi/mythTV development by creating an account on www.kron-mo.rug: job queue. On 07/03/ PM, Chris Porter wrote: > Ever since I upgraded from fixes to fixes I have noticed > my commercial flagging and metadata jobs are triggered for Live TV.

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The Host Specific Job Queue sets up the types of jobs that are allowed to run on this machine. If you have multiple backends, you can configure certain backends. Move user job definition out of settings table and into dedicated table, to allow an arbitrary amount of user jobs. Allow per-machine, per-command time constraints for jobs to run . 50 rows · The Job Queue can be used to see the current state of Transcoding, Commercial Flagging, and User. Ubuntu Feisty Fawn and Mythtv from the Ubuntu fixes repository. Library API version: I now notice that my Job Queue is full of Flag Commercial jobs that haven't run all the way back to 2/20/ The latest Flag Commercial Job is for 3/3/ Which when I looked back at the Recording Schedule for that show through Mythweb it. Oct 20,  · Occasionally, the user jobs will start and finish correctly. 1) When the user job starts (verified by seeing the entry in the log), the jobs will work. (I am thinking that this means . Hi, I have recording in my Job Queue (as shown by Mythweb) that go back to. April They are all Commercial Flagging jobs. www.kron-mo.ru (DoUserJobThread) JobQueue: User Job '/sammy/transcoded/mythtranscode --chanid --starttime --mpeg2. Useful to run it as mythtvsetup --geometry x so that you can see the messages in the Job Quene start/end time: when the current day's queue end. [6c] Merge branch 'master' of www.kron-mo.ru:MythTV/mythtv * [da7d2aa] Correct jobqueue job type definitions in python bindings.

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Feb 07,  · YuliyanR responded on 5 Feb AM. job queue start date time issue. Unanswered. Hi! Clear field Earliest Start Date/ Time and set Starting time. When you set Missing: mythtv. Initially, installation of MythTV seems like a huge task. Automatically starting mythbackend at system boot time Do not start the JobQueue. schedule from computers not running a MythTV frontend, including over the Further down on the Backend Status page you can see the current job queue (see. your own using Open Source software and operating systems.” MythTV very first time I tried out MythTV, I used Myth Flix – view your movie queue. You may have to try this a couple of times, so for a mostly clean start, On the page marked "Job Queue (Host-Specific) I turn off "Allow Commercial. Mirobridge failing to update mythtv db entries: 5 msg: My experience with Zotac ZBOX-IDU as my newF 2 msg: Lost audio central channel in the front end: 11 msg: prefinput for channels: >>>>> Does your job queue start/end time allow >>>>> running now? >>>> >>>> >>>> And if you want them to be run automatically, there are 3 locations where. Jul 01,  · I’ve seen my ‘Job Queue’ jobs creeping up over time when looking at my ‘Backend Status’ via MythWeb. Decided to write down how to fix this. Keep in mind this ‘fix’ forcibly removes all the jobs queued up from mythtv, so don’t run this unless you want all those jobs INSTANTLY gone! In my case, that’s exactly what I wanted. 🙂.
Feb 07,  · job queue start date time issue, Verified, Add the breakpoint to the code, run debugger where you should see the JobQueue session which you select to debug and then Reset status of your Job Queue entry. When JobQueue starts the process, debugger should stop on the breakpoint. I think there might be 2 other possible issues: 1. Attachments. new: recording detail screen - added ability to move a queued comm flag job to the beginning of the queue - MythTV doesn't even have this! new: recording. Dec 19,  · mysql -u mythtv -p mythconverg -e "SELECT * FROM jobqueue" | extract -ec Enter password: id chanid starttime inserttime type cmds flags status statustime hostname . MythTV complete changelog / release notes / version. [41dffdc] EIT updates of programs with starttime in the past. First, start mythtranscode. You will need to determine the channel and the start time manually. $ mythtranscode --chanid --starttime. Member "mythtv/mythtv/html/setup/www.kron-mo.ru" (22 Feb , 43 44 Job Queue Start Time Basically, we find programs based on the chanid/start-time fields. If you are NOT running from the job-queue, your position-map will still be updated.
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